Borko Markovic, M. Arch. has obtained his Master degree in Architecture at University of Belgrade in 2016. His MA degree is recognized by Royal Institute of British Architects – RIBA II.

Since his early student days, Borko has demonstrated exceptional interest in different fields of visual arts and 3D modeling. His master thesis examined problems of large scale and spatial structures, with emphasis on tensile membranes structures. His work was presented at City of the Future exhibition held in Belgrade, whereas many young professionals and experts gave its positive impressions about it. During his faculty days, he acted as a student teaching assistant, working with professors and holding lectures to first and second year students.

During Serbia floods in 2014, Borko was a part of solution project which was targeted at design and construction of modular houses which could provide shelter for the affected population, as well as provide ecologically sustainable solution. In 2015, during the refugee crisis, Borko was involved in a project whose aim was providing architectural solutions for refugees in Serbia, enabling temporarily and permanent habitats. Both projects were presented and had large scale societal impact.

After his graduation, Borko continued his education and specialization in architectural visualization with particular focus on conceptual architecture. His main areas of interest are architectural photography and digital drawings which perfected his competencies on 3D visualization even more.

Working as an architect and a 3D artist for past few years, he successfully combines clients’ needs and desired architectural possibilities and options, providing them with a satisfying result. His team work, being a project manager, received outstanding feedback reaffirming him not only as an architect but a decision maker.

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